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Detective agency in Rivne

Detective agency "PI - Service" was founded in 2001 with the specific goal of providing the very best available services of private investigators and detectives, in Rivne, Ukraine, and abroad. The loyalty of our clients, along with commitment of private investigators of "PI - Service" to providing "specialized confidential services" has allowed us to become in Rivne, Ukraine and abroad longest serving, most stabile and reputable agency. Our detective agency strive to earn the confidence of each client, by selection and training of the best investigators from ex-police, security service, court, prosecutor and other structures.

Private investigators of detective agency "PI - Service" in Rivne, can provide general and specialized services to attorneys, law firms, businesses, corporations, insurance companies, organizations and private individuals in any point Rivne region and Ukraine. Many of our investigations and services in Rivne are available on both a state-wide, nationwide and in an international level.

For all our investigations in Rivne and towns around city, our private investigators utilize top quality state-of-the-art surveillance and other electronic equipment and have access to numerous databases of Rivne region, available only to professional private detectives containing literally billions of records, ensuring you are provided with the most up-to-date information available anywhere, coupled with irrefutable video and photographic evidence when necessary to prove your case.

Private detective agency "PI - Service" offer the next services of private investigator:


Services for individual (Private persons):

- basic background check in Rivne
- complex background check in Rivne
- all kinds of records check in Rivne
- check the alibi in Rivne
- data verification of person in Rivne
- verification of the adress in Rivne
- home phone check in Rivne
- photo verification in Rivne
- previous marriages check in Rivne
- work place check in Rivne
- auto-transport check in Rivne
- real estate check in Rivne
- police records check in Rivne
- court records check in Rivne
- professional surveillance in Rivne
- GPS tracking in Rivne
- control the wives, girlfriends, when she visited parents, or during vacation in Rivne
- search lovers and boy (girl) friends in Rivne
- search missing heirs, lost peoples, relatives, debtors in Rivne - other person check in Rivne

Services for companies (corporative):

- background check of organizations/companies in Rivne
- complex background check of organizations/companies in Rivne
- theck the adress of location of organizations/companies in Rivne
- serch the phones of organizations/companies in Rivne
- check the reputation of organizations/companies in Rivne
- other organizations/companies checks in Rivne


- compose the complaints to court and police in Rivne
- legal advice and services in Rivne
- law consulting, attorney services in Rivne
- compose the marriage contracts in Rivne
- help in divorce court cases in Rivne
- help in civil court cases in Rivne
- help in criminal court cases in Rivne
- representation of attorney (by agreement) in court and police in Rivne
- previous marriages check in Rivne
- other legal services in Rivne


- english-speaking personal private assistant during your travel or business trip to Rivne
- security services for private person and individuals in Rivne
- security services for organizations and companies in Rivne
- professional bodyguards services in Rivne
- other security services in Rivne


- private documents translation in Rivne
- bussiness documents translation in Rivne

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